How to Throw a Peek A Boo Baby Shower – The Ultimate Guide

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If you are looking for a classic idea for a baby shower why not consider a Peak A Boo Baby Shower. In this ultimate guide we look at how to throw a Peak A Boo Baby Shower complete with all the decorations, party supplies, food, games, music, party favors, gift ideas and more.

How to Throw a Peek A Boo Baby Shower – The Ultimate Guide

How to Throw a Peek A Boo Baby Shower - The Ultimate Guide - Decorations - Supplies - Food - Drink - Games - Ideas - InspirationLet us not waste time and dive straight into looking at how you can throw the best ever Peak A Boo Baby Shower.

Our mission is to ensure that your Peak A Boo Baby Shower is a delightful journey of joy, laughter, and shared excitement. So, let’s step into a world of wonder, where surprises abound and every moment is filled with the anticipation of what’s to come. Get ready to celebrate with style, create lasting memories, and shower your little one and guests with the magic of Peak A Boo!

What is a Peek A Boo Baby Shower

A Peak A Boo Baby Shower is a theme party for expectant mothers who are fans of the popular children’s song “Peak A Boo.” The party’s theme revolves around the catchy tune and its associated characters, incorporating elements of playfulness, curiosity, and surprise into the decor, food, games, and activities.

Peek A Boo Baby Shower Decorations

As with any great party you are going to need to choose some decorations. Here we look at Peak A Boo Baby Shower decorations that will make your room or venue look wonderful.

Curtain of Wonder: Create a captivating entrance by hanging sheer curtains or ribbons that guests must pass through to enter the party area. It’s like stepping into a world of surprises!

Check them out by clicking here.

Mystery Tablescape: Set up a central table with draped cloths, partially concealed baby items, and question marks. Guests can lift the cloths to reveal adorable baby essentials and playful decorations.

Check out these table decorations by clicking here.

Hidden Treasures Centerpieces: Arrange centerpieces with boxes, baskets, or large ornaments that seem to hide tiny treasures. As guests investigate, they’ll find baby booties, rattles, or pacifiers nestled within.

Check out this style of table centerpieces by clicking here.

Peak A Boo Banners: Hang banners with Peak A Boo cutouts or flaps that guests can lift to uncover charming messages or images related to the baby’s impending arrival.

Check them out by clicking here.

Teaser Balloons: Fill balloons with confetti, small toys, or gender reveal hints, and hang them at varying heights. Encourage guests to pop the balloons to reveal surprises.

Check out these balloons by clicking here.

Diaper Cake with a Twist: Create a diaper cake that unveils layers of hidden surprises when unraveled, such as tiny baby accessories or sweet treats.

Check out this awesome diaper cake by clicking here.

Nursery Nook: Design a cozy corner resembling a nursery, complete with a crib, mobile, and baby clothes on display. Guests can peer in and admire the adorable setup.

Mystical Lighting: Use fairy lights or lanterns with subtle glows to evoke a sense of magic and curiosity.

Check out this range of mystical lighting by clicking here.

Peek A Boo Baby Shower Food

How to Throw a Peek A Boo Baby Shower - The Ultimate Guide - Decorations - Supplies - Food - Drink - Games - Ideas - InspirationYou will want to pay attention to the food you put on the menu for your Peak A Boo Baby Shower. Here are some ideas that will get you started with food your guests will love.

  1. Stuffed Delights: Serve stuffed foods like stuffed mushrooms, jalapeno poppers, or stuffed pastry pockets. Each bite is a delightful surprise!
  2. Hidden Centerpiece Cake: Create a cake with a concealed surprise inside, such as a colorful gender reveal layer or a pattern that emerges when sliced.
  3. Mystery Mocktails: Craft mocktails with layers of different colored juices that reveal a vibrant mix as guests sip and swirl.
  4. Peak A Boo Cupcakes: Bake cupcakes with a hidden filling that’s revealed when bitten into, like jelly, fruit compote, or cream.
  5. Hidden Gems Salad: Prepare a salad with a variety of ingredients that guests can toss together, revealing a harmonious and flavorful combination.
  6. Surprise Dip: Offer a dip with layers of flavors or textures. As guests scoop, they’ll discover a delightful medley.
  7. Reveal Cookies: Bake cookies with hidden messages or images in the center that become visible as guests take a bite.
  8. Peak A Boo Platters: Arrange platters with snacks and treats under cloths or lids, allowing guests to unveil the culinary delights beneath.

With imaginative decorations and creatively curated cuisine, your Peak A Boo Baby Shower will be a feast for the eyes and taste buds, leaving guests happily engaged in a world of culinary charades and playful mystery.

Check out this peek a boo party tableware by clicking here.

Peek A Boo Baby Shower Games

How to Throw a Peek A Boo Baby Shower - The Ultimate Guide - Decorations - Supplies - Food - Drink - Games - Ideas - InspirationIf you have attended any theme of baby shower you will already be aware that games are an essential part of the entertainment. Here are some ideas for Peak A Boo Baby Shower games that your guests will truly love.

Mystery Gift Exchange: Ask guests to bring a wrapped gift that represents a baby-related item. As they exchange gifts, have them guess what’s inside based on its shape, sound, or weight.

Peak A Boo Charades: Play a game of charades with a twist! Instead of acting out the word, guests reveal a word or phrase related to babies by lifting a cloth or flap.

Check out this charades game by clicking here.

Baby Item Memory Tray: Display a tray of baby items for a limited time, then cover it. Guests write down as many items as they remember. The one with the most correct answers wins.

Guess the Lullaby: Play snippets of popular lullabies, and have guests guess the song title. For an extra challenge, play only the instrumental part.

Diaper Derby: Divide guests into teams and give each team a roll of toilet paper. They have a limited time to create the most creative “diaper” on one of their team members using the toilet paper.

Check out this cheap toilet paper that can be used for this game by clicking here.

Baby Picture Match: Ask guests to bring a baby picture of themselves. Display the pictures and have everyone try to match the baby pictures with the correct guest.

Peak A Boo Riddles: Create riddles related to baby items, nursery rhymes, or parenting, and have guests solve them to uncover hidden treasures.

Baby Item Pictionary: Play Pictionary using baby-related words or phrases. Guests draw and guess as they compete to reveal the adorable answers.

Check out this Pictionary game by clicking here.

Peek A Boo Baby Shower Music

How to Throw a Peek A Boo Baby Shower - The Ultimate Guide - Decorations - Supplies - Food - Drink - Games - Ideas - InspirationSet the mood and keep the excitement flowing with a playlist of enchanting and whimsical tunes that capture the essence of the Peak A Boo theme. Here’s a mix of playful and heartwarming songs that will add an extra layer of joy to your celebration:

  1. “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King” – The Lion King
  2. “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah” – Song of the South
  3. “A Whole New World” – Aladdin
  4. “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” – Toy Story
  5. “Bare Necessities” – The Jungle Book
  6. “Under the Sea” – The Little Mermaid
  7. “Circle of Life” – The Lion King
  8. “Beauty and the Beast” – Beauty and the Beast
  9. “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” – The Lion King
  10. “Hakuna Matata” – The Lion King

Incorporate these melodies into your Peak A Boo Baby Shower to create an atmosphere that is both charming and delightful, as guests revel in the joy of the celebration and the playful spirit of the theme.

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Peek A Boo Baby Shower Gifts

The great thing about choosing gifts for the mom to be at a Peak A Boo Baby Shower is that there is so much choice. After all it is fair to say the peek a boo theme is very child and baby orientated and therefore there are so many product which will make great gifts. Here are a few ideas.

Peak A Boo Books: Select interactive lift-the-flap or pop-up books that engage and surprise little readers with each turn of the page.

Check out this range of peak a book books by clicking here.

Hidden Treasure Blanket: Gift a soft baby blanket with a hidden surprise, such as a small stuffed animal or rattle sewn into one of the corners.

Check out this range of soft baby blankets by clicking here.

Reveal Onesies: Choose onesies with clever designs or messages that are revealed when the baby moves or stretches.

Check out this reveal baby onesie by clicking here.

Nursery Mobiles: Opt for mobiles with hanging elements that gently sway and create moments of surprise and wonder for the baby.

Check out this nursery mobile by clicking here.

Mystery Toys: Select toys with hidden compartments or sections that open to reveal smaller toys or surprises inside.

Interactive Play Mats: Look for play mats with hidden pockets or flaps that babies can explore and discover during tummy time.

Check out this interactive baby play mat by clicking here.

Peak A Boo Diaper Bag: Gift a stylish diaper bag with compartments and pockets that cleverly conceal baby essentials.

Check out this range of diaper bags by clicking here.

Baby Firsts Kit: Create a gift set with milestone cards and surprise envelopes for the parents to reveal special moments as the baby grows.

Check out this baby firsts kit by clicking here.

Peek A Boo Baby Shower Favors

How to Throw a Peek A Boo Baby Shower - The Ultimate Guide - Decorations - Supplies - Food - Drink - Games - Ideas - InspirationAs with any party you host you will want to send your guests home with a thank you. Here are some great ideas for Peak A Boo Baby Shower party favors that your guests wil llove.

Mystery Treat Bags: Prepare bags with mystery treats or small surprises that guests can enjoy later.

Check out this range of party favor bags by clicking here.

Peak A Boo Cookies: Bake cookies with cutout centers, revealing a hidden design or filling.

Check out this cookie making kit by clicking here.

Mini Rattle Keychains: Offer mini keychains featuring adorable rattles or other baby-themed charms.

Check out these mini rattle keychains by clicking here.

Surprise Seed Packets: Provide seed packets with a Peak A Boo design, symbolizing the growth of new beginnings.

Baby Socks Bundle: Tie together pairs of baby socks with a playful ribbon for guests to take home.

Peak A Boo Magnets: Gift magnets with a hidden message or design that guests can display on their fridge.

Check out this range of peak a boo magnets by clicking here.

Clever Notepads: Provide notepads with Peak A Boo flaps or hidden compartments for jotting down notes.

Check out this peak a boo themed notepads by clicking here.

Baby Shower Candles: Offer candles with a surprise baby-themed design that appears as the candle burns.

Check out this range of baby shower candles by clicking here.

These charming gifts and favors will leave a lasting impression on your guests, reminding them of the whimsical Peak A Boo Baby Shower and the anticipation of the little one’s arrival.

What to Wear to a Peek A Boo Baby Shower

How to Throw a Peek A Boo Baby Shower - The Ultimate Guide - Decorations - Supplies - Food - Drink - Games - Ideas - InspirationChoosing the perfect outfit for a Peak A Boo Baby Shower is an opportunity to showcase your style while embracing the playful theme. Whether you’re the guest of honor or a cherished attendee, here are some chic and charming outfit ideas that will have you looking and feeling fabulous:

  1. Lift-the-Flap Dress: Opt for a dress with delicate, Peak A Boo details like lace cutouts or sheer panels that reveal glimpses of skin.
  2. Whimsical Prints: Choose attire featuring whimsical prints of baby animals or hidden surprises, adding a touch of surprise to your look.
  3. Mystery Maternity Attire: For the mom-to-be, consider a maternity dress with ruched sides and a sash that allows you to adjust and unveil your bump.
  4. Subtle Sparkle: Add a hint of sparkle with jewelry that catches the light, subtly revealing its shine like a hidden treasure.
  5. Playful Accessories: Wear accessories like bracelets or hairpins with small charms or hidden details, creating a sense of intrigue.
  6. Classic with a Twist: Opt for classic silhouettes with unexpected elements, such as a dress with a twist-front detail or a skirt with a charming surprise at the back.
  7. Peak A Boo Footwear: Choose shoes with cutouts, lace-up details, or unique embellishments that add an element of surprise to your ensemble.
  8. Colorful Delights: Embrace cheerful colors or pastel shades that evoke the joy and excitement of a Peak A Boo Baby Shower.

Remember, the key is to have fun and express your style while incorporating elements of surprise and anticipation into your outfit. Whether you choose a dress with Peak A Boo details or playful accessories, your attire will add to the festive atmosphere of the celebration and capture the spirit of the Peak A Boo theme.

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