How to Throw a Halloween Baby Shower – The Ultimate Guide

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If you are looking for the perfect theme for a baby shower around the time of October it might well be worth considering a halloween themed baby shower. You may be shocked to learn that at this time of year a halloween baby shower is actually one of the most popular themes out there.

How to Throw a Halloween Baby Shower – The Ultimate Guide

How to Throw a Halloween Baby Shower - The Ultimate Guide - Decorations - Supplies - Food - Drink - Games - Ideas - InspirationIn this complete and ultimate guide we will look at everything you need to host and throw the best ever halloween baby shower. We will look at the halloween party decorations and supplies you will need along with ideas and inspiration for things such as party food, games, gifts, party favors, music, even some ideas for what you could wear to this haunting baby shower.

What is a Halloween Baby Shower

A Halloween baby shower is a themed baby shower celebration held during the Halloween season, typically in October. This type of baby shower combines the joy of welcoming a new baby with the fun and spookiness of Halloween. It allows parents-to-be and their guests to embrace the Halloween spirit while celebrating the impending arrival of a baby.

Halloween Baby Shower Decorations

We will begin this ultimate guide by giving you some ideas for halloween decorations which can be used for a Halloween baby shower.

Pumpkin Patch Perfection: Line the entrance with a charming pumpkin patch, setting the tone for a celebration that’s part harvest, part magic.

Check out these pumpkin decorations by clicking here.

Ghastly Gorgeous Centerpieces: Adorn tables with spellbinding centerpieces – think black roses, miniature broomsticks, and ghostly figurines.

Check out these halloween table centerpieces by clicking here.

Mystical Photo Backdrop: Create a photo booth backdrop with mystical forest scenes, moonlit skies, and silhouettes of bats and owls.

Check out these halloween backdrops by clicking here.

Haunted Nursery Vibes: Transform the nursery-to-be with black and gold accents, dim lighting, and playful ghost or bat mobiles.

Check out these halloween lighting effects by clicking here.

Spooky Sweet Table: Craft a dessert table where pumpkin cupcakes, mummy cookies, and baby-themed treats converge in delicious harmony.

Check out these cookie making kits by clicking here.

Bewitching Balloons: Float eerie and cute balloons, from spider-shaped ones to baby-themed ones adorned with adorable witches and wizards.

Check out these halloween balloons by clicking here.

Wicked Welcome Wreaths: Hang wreaths bedecked with black ribbon, baby onesies, and miniature cauldrons, greeting guests with eerie charm.

Check out these halloween wreaths by clicking here.

Ghostly Garland: String together ghost-shaped garlands that dance in the breeze, adding a touch of whimsy to your spooky soirée.

Check out these halloween garlands by clicking here.

Mystifying Table Settings: Set the table with black and silver plates, dark napkins, and baby-themed placeholders for an enchanting dining experience.

Check out these halloween tableware by clicking here.

Potion Bar: Set up a potion bar with colorful drinks and spooky concoctions, where guests can mix their own magical elixirs.

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How to Throw a Halloween Baby Shower - The Ultimate Guide - Decorations - Supplies - Food - Drink - Games - Ideas - InspirationHalloween Baby Shower Decorations weave a spell that captures the essence of the season while celebrating the impending arrival of your little one. With every cobweb, pumpkin, and ghostly accent, your space transforms into a haven of mystical charm that welcomes both baby and boos.

Halloween Baby Shower Food

Next we will consider the all important menu for your Halloween baby shower. Here are some spooky, halloween themed food ideas that your guests will truly love.

  1. Pumpkin Pie Parfaits: Layer pumpkin pie filling, whipped cream, and graham cracker crumbs in mini glasses for a spooky twist on a classic.
  2. Witch Finger Cookies: Craft almond-shaped cookies with almond “nails” and a touch of red jam, resembling eerie witch fingers.
  3. Mummy Hot Dogs: Wrap hot dog “mummies” in strips of puff pastry for a savory treat that’s both cute and delicious.
  4. Monster Mash Dip: Serve a colorful and creamy dip with spooky faces made from olives, carrots, and bell peppers.
  5. Bat Bites: Create bat-shaped sandwiches using cookie cutters and fill them with delectable spreads and fillings.
  6. Candy Corn Parfaits: Layer whipped cream, orange gelatin, and yellow pudding in parfait glasses, resembling the iconic candy corn.
  7. Spiderweb Pizza: Craft a pizza with a cheese spiderweb design, complete with olive “spiders” crawling over the top.
  8. Goblin Grapes: Serve grapes on skewers with ghostly faces drawn on them, offering a healthy and playful treat.
  9. Potion Punch: Whip up a colorful punch with floating “eyeballs” (blueberries) and a dash of mystery.
  10. Mummy Cupcakes: Top cupcakes with white frosting “bandages” and candy eyes, creating adorable and spooky mummy cupcakes.

Halloween Baby Shower Food is an enchanting fusion of flavor and creativity that captures the essence of the season while celebrating the upcoming arrival of your little one. Prepare to indulge in a culinary experience that’s as hauntingly delicious as it is charmingly adorable.

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Halloween Baby Shower Games

How to Throw a Halloween Baby Shower - The Ultimate Guide - Decorations - Supplies - Food - Drink - Games - Ideas - InspirationYou will want to make sure your guests are entertained and have a great time at your Halloween baby shower. Here are some ideas for games that your guests and the mom to be will love.

Baby Charades: Act out baby-related words or phrases while adding a spooky twist – think “zombie diaper change” or “ghostly lullaby.”

Check out these charades games by clicking here.

Mummy Wrap Race: Divide guests into teams and provide rolls of toilet paper – the first team to wrap a “mummy” wins!

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Bobbing for Pacifiers: Fill a large basin with water and float pacifiers – guests must retrieve them using only their mouths.

Check out these pacifiers that can be used for this game by clicking here.

Pumpkin Decorating: Provide mini pumpkins and decorating supplies for guests to create their own spooky or adorable designs.

Check out these pumpkin decorating tools by clicking here.

Costume Contest: Have guests showcase their Halloween costumes, with a special category for the most creatively spooky baby bump.

Baby Bottle Chug: Challenge guests to a race where they must chug baby bottles filled with juice or water.

Check out these baby bottle that can be used for this game by clicking here.

Candy Guessing Game: Fill a jar with Halloween candy and have guests guess the number – the closest guess wins the jar.

Diaper Dash Relay: Divide guests into teams and have them race to change a doll’s diaper, complete with eerie sound effects.

Check out these cheap diapers that can be used for this game by clicking here.

Ghostly Bingo: Play bingo with baby-related words or items on the cards, adding a touch of Halloween flair.

Check out these bingo games by clicking here.

Baby Limbo: Host a baby-themed limbo competition, with a twist – guests must limbo under a “baby bump” bar.

Check out these limbo games by clicking here.

Halloween Baby Shower Games create moments of shared joy and spooky laughter, weaving a thread of camaraderie throughout the celebration. From mummy races to creative challenges, these games infuse your gathering with an extra dose of fun and enchantment.

Halloween Baby Shower Music

How to Throw a Halloween Baby Shower - The Ultimate Guide - Decorations - Supplies - Food - Drink - Games - Ideas - InspirationElevate the eerie enchantment of your Halloween Baby Shower with a curated playlist that dances between spooky and sweet. Halloween Baby Shower Music sets the tone for a celebration that’s equal parts haunting and heartwarming, creating an ambiance that’s sure to delight both the young and the young at heart.

  1. Monster Mash: Get the party started with the timeless classic that’s perfect for both dancing and celebrating the impending arrival of your little one.
  2. Thriller: Let Michael Jackson’s iconic hit lead your guests in a dance that’s part moonwalk and part baby bump groove.
  3. This Is Halloween: From “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” this tune captures the whimsical spirit of Halloween while celebrating the anticipation of new beginnings.
  4. Ghostbusters: Invite guests to bust a move while channeling their inner ghost hunter, creating moments of laughter and camaraderie.
  5. Spooky Lullabies: Play gentle and eerie lullabies that mirror the magical theme of the day, offering soothing background music.
  6. Time Warp: Let your guests do the “Time Warp” dance from “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” merging nostalgia and spooktacular fun.
  7. Purple People Eater: Celebrate the whimsy of Halloween with this playful song that’s perfect for a baby shower that’s both charming and chilling.
  8. Addams Family Theme: Dance to the rhythm of the iconic “Addams Family” theme, embracing the kooky and endearing spirit of the show.
  9. Black Magic Woman: Infuse your celebration with a touch of mystery and allure, all while celebrating the enchantment of parenthood.
  10. Baby Love: Wrap up the playlist with “Baby Love” to celebrate the heartwarming reason you’ve all gathered – the upcoming arrival of a precious little one.

Your best option for music if you are to throw a Halloween baby shower is Amazon Music. You will never ever be without the perfect song at your fingertips for any party you throw. You can check out the best deals for Amazon Music by clicking here.

Halloween Baby Shower Gifts

How to Throw a Halloween Baby Shower - The Ultimate Guide - Decorations - Supplies - Food - Drink - Games - Ideas - InspirationIf you happen to be a guest attending a Halloween baby shower you may be looking for gift ideas for the mom-to-be. Here are great gift ideas that the mom-to-be will love.

Costume-Inspired Onesies: Choose baby onesies that mirror classic Halloween costumes like pumpkins, witches, or ghosts, making every day feel like a mini masquerade.

Check out these baby halloween onesies by clicking here.

Candy Corn Rattles: Delight both baby and parents with candy corn-themed rattles that add a sweet touch to playtime.

Check out these candy corn rattles by clicking here.

Witch Hat Diaper Covers: Keep things playful with diaper covers resembling witch hats, adding a whimsical twist to diaper changes.

Pumpkin Teething Toys: Offer teething relief with pumpkin-shaped teething toys that perfectly blend Halloween spirit with baby comfort.

Check out these teething toys by clicking here.

Spooky Nursery Decor: Gift decorations like bat mobiles, ghost-shaped wall decals, or miniature witch brooms that adorn the nursery with seasonal charm.

Check out these halloween nursery decor by clicking here.

Halloween-Themed Books: Select children’s books with Halloween themes, creating a library that brings enchanting tales to bedtime stories.

Check out these halloween themed baby books by clicking here.

Harvest Crib Bedding: Provide cozy crib bedding in fall hues or with pumpkin and leaf patterns, ensuring baby slumbers in seasonal comfort.

Check out this crib bedding by clicking here.

Monstrously Cute Stuffed Animals: Delight the little one with plush monsters or spooky-themed stuffed animals that become lifelong friends.

Check out these cute stuffed animals by clicking here.

Potion Bottle Baby Essentials: Create a gift basket with baby essentials like lotion, shampoo, and wipes, packaged in potion-style bottles.

Check out these new born gift basket by clicking here.

Personalized Halloween Keepsakes: Offer customized items like engraved baby bat pacifiers or pumpkin-spiced baby blankets, adding a personal touch to the celebration.

Halloween Baby Shower Gifts become tokens of affection that celebrate both the joy of parenthood and the enchantment of the season. With each carefully chosen present, you contribute to the excitement and anticipation surrounding the upcoming arrival.

Halloween Baby Shower Favors

How to Throw a Halloween Baby Shower - The Ultimate Guide - Decorations - Supplies - Food - Drink - Games - Ideas - InspirationMake sure you do not forget to say a huge big thank you to all the guests who have shared the joy with you. The best way you can do this is with party favors. Here are some really cool ideas.

Mini Pumpkin Pies: Share mini pumpkin pies wrapped in charming packaging, allowing guests to savor the flavors of the season at home.

Witchy Bath Bombs: Offer bath bombs in bewitching scents like blackberry sage or pumpkin spice, inviting relaxation and indulgence.

Check out these bath bombs by clicking here.

Ghostly Tea Light Holders: Present tea light holders adorned with ghost or bat motifs, allowing guests to bring a touch of spooky charm to their homes.

Check out these tea light holders by clicking here.

Halloween-themed Cookies: Share intricately decorated cookies shaped like pumpkins, bats, or baby booties, adding a sweet farewell.

Check out these cookie making kits by clicking here.

Spooky Keychains: Gift keychains featuring Halloween-themed charms like witches’ hats, black cats, or miniature cauldrons.

Check out these halloween keychains by clicking here.

Personalized Potion Bottles: Fill small glass bottles with colorful candies or treats, labeling them with playful potion names for a whimsical touch.

Halloween-themed Seed Packets: Share packets of pumpkin or sunflower seeds, inviting guests to nurture growth just like the upcoming arrival.

Caramel Apple Kits: Provide kits with apples, caramel, and sticks, allowing guests to recreate the joy of caramel apples at home.

Check out these caramel apple kits by clicking here.

Eerie Bookmark Set: Present a set of bookmarks adorned with spooky designs, inviting guests to embark on literary journeys.

Check out these halloween bookmarks by clicking here.

Haunted Cookie Cutters: Share cookie cutters shaped like ghosts, witches, or baby-themed designs, inspiring baking adventures at home.

Check out these halloween cookie cutters by clicking here.

Halloween Baby Shower Favors extend the magic of the celebration into the homes of your guests, serving as cherished mementos of a day filled with laughter, camaraderie, and spooky delight.

What to Wear to a Halloween Baby Shower

Dressing for a Halloween Baby Shower is an art that merges the charm of parenthood with the whimsy of the season. Capture the essence of the celebration with attire that’s equal parts spooky and stylish, creating a look that’s both bewitching and baby-ready.

  1. Witchy Chic: Opt for a classic witch costume with a baby bump twist – a witch hat paired with a flowing black dress exudes elegant enchantment.
  2. Pumpkin Perfection: Embrace the season with a pumpkin-themed outfit – think orange dresses or tops adorned with adorable pumpkin patterns.
  3. Magical Mom-to-Be: Channel your inner sorceress with a flowing gown, a touch of sparkle, and perhaps a mysterious crystal necklace.
  4. Ghostly Glamour: Combine a white dress with ethereal accessories like feathered earrings or a silver tiara for an enchanting ghostly look.
  5. Mummy Maven: Wrap yourself in layers of white fabric, resembling a mummy, and add a pop of color with a Halloween-themed scarf.
  6. Vampire Vibes: Opt for a sleek and sophisticated black ensemble, complete with red lipstick and dramatic jewelry that echoes vampire allure.
  7. Spooky Sweater: Showcase a cozy sweater with playful Halloween patterns like bats, pumpkins, or baby ghosts.
  8. Creature Comforts: Select a shirt adorned with adorable monster or ghost designs, capturing the charming essence of the season.
  9. Skeleton Style: Don a skeleton-print dress or leggings, adding a touch of quirky flair to your Halloween Baby Shower ensemble.
  10. Fairy Tale Fusion: Combine a flowing gown with delicate fairy wings, embracing a whimsical fusion of baby shower and Halloween themes.

What to Wear to a Halloween Baby Shower invites you to express your unique style while celebrating the joy of parenthood and the enchantment of the season. Embrace the opportunity to don an outfit that’s both charmingly spooky and elegantly celebratory.

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