The Best Engagement Party Games for an Unforgettable Night

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The Best Engagement Party Games for an Unforgettable Night

The Best Engagement Party Games for an Unforgettable NightAre you looking for some fun ways to break the ice and get everyone mingling at your engagement party? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the best engagement party games that are sure to make your night unforgettable.

What is an Engagement Party?

Before we dive into the games, let’s define what an engagement party is. An engagement party is a celebration thrown to commemorate a couple’s engagement. It’s a great opportunity for friends and family to come together and celebrate the couple’s upcoming nuptials.

Why Should You Plan Games for Your Engagement Party?

Engagement parties can sometimes be awkward if guests don’t know each other very well. Planning games can help break the ice and get everyone interacting. Plus, it’s a fun way to celebrate and make memories with your loved ones.

Who Am I? Game

This game is a great way for guests to get to know each other. As guests arrive, give each one a nametag with the name of a famous couple on it (e.g. Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Romeo and Juliet, etc.). The guests then have to find their “other half” and spend the evening trying to guess who they are.

Wedding Movie Charades

Get your guests in the wedding spirit with a game of wedding movie charades. Write down the names of popular wedding movies on slips of paper and put them in a hat. Split guests into teams and take turns acting out the movies while the other team tries to guess.

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Mr. and Mrs. Quiz

How well do the bride and groom really know each other? Find out with a Mr. and Mrs. Quiz. Before the party, ask the couple a series of questions about each other (e.g. “What’s your partner’s favorite movie?” “What’s your partner’s biggest fear?”). During the party, ask the questions to the couple and see how many they get right.

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Kiss the Bride (or Groom)

This game is a spin on the classic carnival game, “Kiss the Frog.” Blow up a picture of the bride or groom’s face and cut out a hole where their mouth is. Guests then take turns trying to “kiss the bride (or groom)” by throwing lipstick tubes or Hershey’s kisses through the hole.

He Said, She Said

Before the party, ask the bride and groom to fill out a questionnaire separately. The questionnaire should include questions like “Who said ‘I love you’ first?” and “Who is messier?” During the party, read the questions out loud and have guests guess who said what.

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What’s in Your Phone?

This game is perfect for the tech-savvy crowd. Have guests pull out their phones and search for specific items (e.g. a selfie with the bride, a text message from the groom, etc.). The first person to find all the items wins a prize.

Wedding Piñata

Who says piñatas are just for kids? Fill a piñata with wedding-themed items like wedding cake toppers, plastic rings, and mini champagne bottles. Blindfold guests and let them take turns trying to break the piñata open.

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Love Song Bingo

Create bingo cards with the names of popular love songs on them. As the night goes on, guests mark off the songs that are played. The first person to get a bingo wins a prize.

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Wedding Mad Libs

Get your guests laughing with a game of wedding mad libs. Write a funny story about the bride and groom’s love story and leave out key words (eg such as nouns, verbs, and adjectives). Ask guests to fill in the blanks with their own words and then read the story out loud for everyone to enjoy.

Wedding Photo Booth

Set up a photo booth with wedding-themed props and a backdrop. Guests can take pictures throughout the night and have a memento to take home with them. You can even create a hashtag for guests to use when they post their pictures on social media.

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Newlywed Game

If you have multiple couples at the party, the Newlywed Game is a great way to get everyone involved. Have one couple sit back-to-back while the other couples answer questions about them. The couple with the most correct answers wins a prize.

Guess the Number of Kisses

Fill a jar with Hershey’s kisses and have guests guess how many are inside. The person who guesses closest to the actual number wins the jar of kisses.

DIY Wedding Mad Libs

For a more personalized touch, create your own wedding mad libs. Write a story about the bride and groom’s relationship and leave blanks for guests to fill in with their own words. You can even include inside jokes and personal details to make it extra special.


Engagement parties are a great way to celebrate with friends and family, but they can sometimes be awkward if guests don’t know each other well. Planning games can help break the ice and get everyone interacting. These engagement party games are sure to make your night unforgettable and create lasting memories with your loved ones.


Q :- Can these games be adapted for a virtual engagement party?

A :- Yes, many of these games can be adapted for a virtual engagement party. For example, the Mr. and Mrs. Quiz can be done over video chat and the Wedding Mad Libs can be done online.

Q :- Do I have to provide prizes for the games?

A :- No, prizes are not necessary but can add an extra level of fun to the games.

Q :- Can I create my own games for the engagement party?

A :- Absolutely! These games are just a starting point. Get creative and come up with your own games that fit your party’s theme and personality.

Q :- Are these games appropriate for all ages?

A :- Most of these games are appropriate for all ages, but you can always modify them to fit your audience.

Q :- Can I mix and match these games for my party?

A :- Definitely! Mix and match these games to create a custom engagement party experience that fits your guests’ interests and personalities.


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