How to Throw a Garden Party – The Ultimate Guide

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Welcome to our complete and detailed guide on how to thow a garden party. This is a great party idea the likes of a birthday, an engagement or simply to have a get together with a group of family and friends.

When the summer months arrive you really could not ask for a more beautiful theme for your party.

How to Throw a Garden Party – The Ultimate Guide

How to Throw a Garden Party - The Ultimate Guide - Decorations - Supplies - Food - Drink - Games - Ideas - Inspiration

What is a Garden Party

A garden party is essentially the same as a regular party but held outdoors in a garden setting. The focus is on enjoying the atmosphere of the garden, with guests socializing, eating, and drinking surrounded by greenery and flowers. Activities might include lawn games, music, dancing, or simply chatting and relaxing in the fresh air. This type of party can be formal or informal, depending on the occasion and the host’s preference.

Garden Party Decorations

The first thing you will want to consider when you throw a garden party is the decorations. Since this is a party that will be held outdoors it is important you consider this fact when selecting party decorations. Here are some ideas for your garden party decorations

Floral Centerpieces: Arrange fresh flowers or potted blooms as table centerpieces in a variety of vases or mason jars.


Bunting and Banners: String colorful bunting or banners across the garden space for a festive touch.


Fairy Lights: Hang fairy lights in the trees or along fences to add a magical ambiance as the sun sets.


Paper Lanterns: Suspend paper lanterns from tree branches for soft, diffused lighting.


Table Linens: Use floral or gingham tablecloths to bring a touch of whimsy to the dining area.


Vintage China: Set tables with vintage-inspired or mismatched china for a charming and eclectic look.


Outdoor Rugs: Place outdoor rugs or blankets on the lawn to create cozy seating areas.


Mason Jar Lanterns: Fill mason jars with tea lights and hang them from tree branches or shepherd’s hooks.


Topiary Decor: Display topiaries or potted plants as elegant decor accents.

Paper Napkin Rings: Craft DIY napkin rings using floral or garden-themed paper for a personalized touch.


Herb Centerpieces: Use potted herbs like lavender or rosemary as fragrant and attractive centerpieces.

Trellis Backdrop: Set up a trellis as a backdrop for photos, adorned with climbing flowers or greenery.


Wicker Baskets: Incorporate wicker baskets filled with fruits or flowers for a rustic feel.


Garden Flags: Plant garden flags with welcoming messages or floral designs throughout the space.


Tea Party Setup: Arrange a tea station with vintage teapots, cups, and saucers.


Lantern Pathway: Line pathways with lanterns or luminaries to guide guests during the evening.


Hanging Planters: Hang decorative planters with cascading flowers from pergolas or trees.

Picnic Blankets: Scatter picnic blankets with cushions for relaxed seating on the grass.


Sun Hats: Provide sun hats for guests to wear during the party and take home as favors.


Garden Arch: Frame entrances or walkways with a garden arch adorned with vines or flowers.


How to Throw a Garden Party - The Ultimate Guide - Decorations - Supplies - Food - Drink - Games - Ideas - Inspiration

Garden Party Food

When you throw a garden party, as with any party, creating a delightful menu for a garden party involves selecting fresh, vibrant, and easy-to-eat dishes that complement the outdoor setting. Here’s a selection of garden party food ideas that are perfect for a casual and enjoyable gathering:

Finger Sandwiches: Create an assortment of delicate finger sandwiches with cucumber, smoked salmon, or chicken salad.

Caprese Skewers: Skewer cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and basil leaves for a refreshing Caprese appetizer.

Crudité Platter: Arrange a colorful platter with an assortment of fresh vegetables like cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks, and bell pepper strips, paired with a tasty dip.

Fruit Salad Cups: Serve individual cups of vibrant fruit salad for a refreshing and easy-to-eat treat.

Cheese Platter: Curate a selection of cheeses, crackers, and grapes for an elegant cheese platter.

Stuffed Mushrooms: Prepare stuffed mushrooms with a flavorful filling, such as cream cheese and herbs.

Bruschetta: Offer bruschetta with diced tomatoes, basil, and a drizzle of balsamic glaze.

Shrimp Cocktail: Provide shrimp cocktail with a zesty cocktail sauce for a sophisticated seafood option.

Chicken Skewers: Grill or roast chicken skewers with flavorful marinades, like lemon herb or teriyaki.

Mediterranean Hummus Platter: Present a Mediterranean-inspired hummus platter with olives, feta, and pita wedges.

Mini Quiches: Serve mini quiches with various fillings, such as spinach and feta or bacon and cheddar.

Herbed Cream Cheese Dip: Pair herbed cream cheese with artisanal bread or crackers for a simple yet tasty dip.

Cucumber Bites: Top cucumber slices with herbed cream cheese and a small piece of smoked salmon.

Melon Prosciutto Skewers: Combine sweet melon cubes with salty prosciutto on skewers for a delightful appetizer.

Pasta Salad: Toss a refreshing pasta salad with colorful vegetables and a light vinaigrette.

Petite Desserts: Offer a variety of mini desserts like petit fours, macarons, and fruit tarts.

Iced Tea Bar: Set up a self-serve iced tea station with different tea flavors, sweeteners, and garnishes.

Lemonade Stand: Provide fresh lemonade in a variety of flavors, such as classic, strawberry, or mint.

Baked Brie with Jam: Bake a wheel of brie and serve it with fruit jams and crusty bread.

Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries: Indulge in the sweetness of chocolate-dipped strawberries as a delightful dessert.

Do not forget to make sure you have a good supply of suitable outdoor tableware for your guests. You can check out this range of garden party tableware by clicking here.

How to Throw a Garden Party - The Ultimate Guide - Decorations - Supplies - Food - Drink - Games - Ideas - Inspiration

Garden Party Games

Entertainment for your guests is always an important part of any party. When you throw a garden party this is most certainly no different. Here are some ideas for garden party games you could provide for your guests to enjoy.

Lawn Bowling: Set up a lawn bowling alley and let guests take turns trying to knock down the pins.


Croquet: A classic garden game where players use mallets to hit wooden balls through a series of hoops.


Giant Jenga: Create a larger-than-life Jenga set using wooden blocks. Players take turns removing a block without causing the tower to collapse.


Cornhole: Set up cornhole boards and have a friendly bean bag tossing competition.


Bocce Ball: Create a bocce ball court and let guests compete in this Italian bowling game.


Badminton: Set up a badminton net and provide rackets and shuttlecocks for a fun game of badminton.


Ring Toss: Create a ring toss game using bottles or other objects as targets.


Outdoor Twister: Paint colored circles on the grass to create a giant Twister board.


Scavenger Hunt: Organize a garden-themed scavenger hunt with clues hidden around the outdoor space.

Picnic Blanket Bingo: Create bingo cards with pictures of common items found in a garden and play bingo on picnic blankets.

Nature Art Station: Set up a table with art supplies and encourage guests to create nature-inspired artwork.

Bubble Station: Provide bubble wands and solution for a whimsical and relaxing activity.


Photo Booth with Props: Create a garden-themed photo booth area with props for memorable pictures.


Potato Sack Race: Classic and fun, a potato sack race can add a touch of nostalgia to your garden party.


Garden Trivia: Prepare a set of garden-themed trivia questions for a friendly competition.

Balloon Dart Board: Attach balloons to a board and let guests throw darts to pop them, each balloon having a prize inside.


Glow-in-the-Dark Capture the Flag: For evening garden parties, play capture the flag with glow sticks for added excitement.


Tug-of-War: Set up a tug-of-war rope and have teams compete against each other.


Outdoor Movie Night: As the evening sets in, project a movie onto a screen or a blank wall for a cozy outdoor movie experience.

Check out this awesome outdoor movie projector by clicking here.

DIY Planting Station: Provide pots, soil, and seeds for guests to create their own potted plants to take home.

These are just a small selection of ideas for games you could choose when you throw a garden party. Undoubtedly you will be able to think of countless other ideas as well.

Garden Party Music

When you throw a garden party creating the right musical atmosphere for a garden party involves selecting tunes that are light, upbeat, and complement the outdoor setting. Here’s a playlist with a mix of genres that should work well for a garden gathering:

  1. Folk and Indie Vibes:
    • “Riptide” by Vance Joy
    • “Ho Hey” by The Lumineers
    • “Shut Up and Dance” by WALK THE MOON
  2. Acoustic Pop Hits:
    • “Budapest” by George Ezra
    • “L-O-V-E” by Nat King Cole
    • “Banana Pancakes” by Jack Johnson
  3. Reggae and Tropical Beats:
    • “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley & The Wailers
    • “Is This Love” by Bob Marley & The Wailers
    • “Rude” by MAGIC!
  4. Classics with a Twist:
    • “I Can’t Help It” by Michael Jackson (Todd Terje Rekutt)
    • “Fly Me to the Moon” by Frank Sinatra (Kaskade Remix)
    • “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone (Bassnectar Remix)
  5. Jazz and Swing:
    • “It Don’t Mean a Thing” by Duke Ellington
    • “Sway” by Dean Martin
    • “Sing, Sing, Sing” by Benny Goodman
  6. Indie-Pop Melodies:
    • “Dog Days Are Over” by Florence + The Machine
    • “Shake It Out” by Florence + The Machine
    • “Home” by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
  7. Soul and Motown Classics:
    • “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell
    • “I Want You Back” by The Jackson 5
    • “Lovely Day” by Bill Withers
  8. Country-Folk Tunes:
    • “Wagon Wheel” by Old Crow Medicine Show
    • “Take Me Home, Country Roads” by John Denver
    • “Jolene” by Dolly Parton
  9. Pop Hits:
    • “Happy” by Pharrell Williams
    • “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” by Justin Timberlake
    • “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars
  10. Electro-Swing Mix:
    • “Booty Swing” by Parov Stelar
    • “I Can’t Stop” by Caravan Palace
    • “Lone Digger” by Caravan Palace
  11. Chill Lounge Tracks:
    • “Porcelain” by Moby
    • “Eple” by Röyksopp
    • “Strawberry Swing” by Coldplay
  12. Easy Listening Instrumentals:
    • “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong (instrumental)
    • “Clair de Lune” by Claude Debussy
    • “Watermelon Man” by Herbie Hancock
  13. Latin Flavors:
    • “Bailando” by Enrique Iglesias ft. Gente de Zona
    • “Smooth” by Santana ft. Rob Thomas
    • “La Camisa Negra” by Juanes
  14. Pop-Folk Fusion:
    • “Home” by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
    • “Shut Up and Dance” by WALK THE MOON
    • “Waves” by Dean Lewis

Ensure that the music volume allows for conversation and enjoyment of the natural sounds in the garden. This playlist should offer a mix of tunes that appeal to various tastes and keep the atmosphere lively and enjoyable.

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Garden Party Favors

When you throw a garden party you will most likely to consider thanking you guests by giving out party favors, consider items that reflect the natural and outdoor ambiance of the event. Here are some delightful garden party favor ideas:

Seed Packets: Choose flower or herb seeds packaged in colorful envelopes. Attach a small note encouraging guests to plant and nurture their own blooms.

Mini Potted Plants: Small succulents or flowering plants in decorative pots make lovely and living party favors.

Personalized Garden Tools: Hand out mini gardening tools like trowels or pruners with personalized tags or labels.


Customized Plant Markers: Create personalized plant markers, perhaps with the event date and a thank-you message, for guests to use in their gardens.


Floral Scented Candles: Opt for candles with floral scents or designs to add a touch of elegance and fragrance.


Herb Infused Olive Oil: Gift small bottles of olive oil infused with herbs, beautifully presented with a tag describing the infusion.


Botanical Soap Bars: Artisanal soaps with botanical ingredients can be a luxurious and practical favor.


Floral Tea Blends: Create custom tea blends featuring edible flowers or floral flavors and package them in pretty jars.


Mason Jar Terrariums: Mini terrarium kits in mason jars with soil, stones, and tiny plants offer a unique and green gift.


Floral Patterned Hand Fans: Stylish hand fans with floral designs can be both practical and decorative for an outdoor event.


Customized Tote Bags: Provide tote bags featuring botanical prints or personalized with the event details for guests to use.


Flower Crowns: For a whimsical touch, consider gifting handmade or artificial flower crowns for guests to wear during the party.


What to Wear to a Garden Party

Selecting the right attire for a garden party involves finding a balance between elegance and comfort. Consider the following clothing suggestions to ensure you look and feel appropriate for the occasion:

Summer Dresses: Opt for a light and airy summer dress in floral prints or pastel colors. Midi or maxi dresses can be particularly fitting for a garden setting.

Skirts and Blouses: A flowy skirt paired with a stylish blouse is a versatile and chic choice. Consider breathable fabrics like cotton or linen.

Jumpsuits or Rompers: A jumpsuit or romper can offer both style and ease, and they are well-suited for an outdoor gathering.

Lightweight Fabrics: Choose fabrics that are breathable and comfortable, such as cotton, linen, or chiffon, to stay cool in the outdoor setting.

Hats: A wide-brimmed hat not only adds a touch of elegance but also provides shade. It’s practical and stylish for a garden party.

Comfortable Footwear: As the event may involve walking on grass, opt for comfortable footwear like wedges, espadrilles, or stylish sandals.

Accessories: Consider accessorizing with floral-themed jewelry, sunglasses, or a lightweight scarf to complement your outfit.

Light Jackets or Shawls: Depending on the time of day, it might get cooler in the evening. Bring a light jacket or shawl that complements your outfit.

Prints and Colors: Embrace the garden theme by incorporating floral prints or pastel colors into your ensemble.

Garden Hats: If you want to go for a classic garden party look, a beautiful garden hat can be both functional and stylish.

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